End Of School Flowers From Serenata Flowers

End Of School Flowers From Serenata Flowers

As school term starts to draw to a close, it’s a final chance to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers who do a fantastic job of educating our darling children. So show your appreciation by sending one of our stunning bouquets designed especially with that special teacher in mind.



Tequila Sunrise

Tequila SunriseHola! Celebrate any auspicious occasion with a golden burst of sunflowers, roses and lemon-fresh buds. The intoxicating glow of this sumptuous hand-tie is sure to get you in the mood to party. Yeehah to yellow!Was £49.99 Now £39.99

A Dozen Pink Roses Giftwrap

A Dozen Pink Roses GiftwrapA dozen pink blushing roses for your blushing sweetheart.Was £24.99 Now £19.99

Mrs Tracy Klein

Mrs Tracy KleinAn inspirational mix of magical mauve’s, pretty pinks, perky purples and luscious lilacs make up this beautiful bouquet that is Mrs Tracy Klein .Was £34.99 Now £29.99

Secret Garden

Secret GardenUnlock the magic of your own secret garden where flamboyant pink roses climb the walls and the perfume of white lilies fills the air.Our Price £24.99


AdoreSend sweet candy kisses to your sweetheart this valentine’s day with a delectable combination of pink and red roses – What could be more romantic?Was £24.99 Now £19.99

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Friendship Bracelet KitSometimes you just want to let your friends know just how much they mean to you, and this bright bouquet of multi-coloured Germini and scented Freesias can do just that. Bursting with scent and colour it’s a big hug just waiting to happen!Was £34.99 Now £29.99

20 Luxury Red Roses

20 Luxury Red RosesRed roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love, so there’s no better way to express your extravagant emotions than with an excessive bouquet in full bloom. A message of love unfurls with every petal in this gorgeous bouquet of luxury red roses.Was £49.99 Now £34.99

A Dozen Orange Roses Giftwrap

A Dozen Orange Roses GiftwrapSunsets of rippling petals spill out of this bouquet of rich russet roses.Was £23.99 Now £19.99

20 Luxury White Roses

20 Luxury White RosesRaise the temperature of your romance with a jungle fever of ivory roses. You won’t have to say a word – the elegant sophistication of these gorgeous white roses will get your message across.Was £49.99 Now £34.99


PeaceThe relaxing serenity of pure white blooms create a glorious sense of peace. The delicate fragrances of Freesia, luxury Roses, Lisianthus, Oriental Lily and Waxflower create an ambiance that even the UN would be proud of.Was £39.99 Now £29.99

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